After the first Canterbury earthquake the National Crisis Management Centre in the basement of the Beehive in Wellington was activated. Refrences. Apart from physical injuries, international literature suggests that psychosocial recovery after a disaster can take five to ten years. Recommended management. [147] Over 1400 Army, Navy and Air Force personnel were involved,[148] and Territorials (Army Reserve) were called up. The second earthquake was shallow and caused extensive damage and loss of life, destroying most of the Central Business District. The Anglican Church decided to demolish the building and replace it with a new structure, but various groups opposed the church's intentions, with actions including taking a case to court. [28] Although the rupture was subsurface, satellite images indicated that the net displacement of the land south of the fault was 50 cm westwards and upwards; the land movement would have been greater during the earthquake. By April 2011, the team had tackled more than 1,000 make-safe repairs (including many urgent demolition jobs), most of which were completed within one day of receiving the request. [7] In each of these cases the buildings that collapsed were known to have been appreciably damaged in the September 2010 earthquake but the local authority had permitted the building to be re-occupied (CTV and PGC buildings) or protective barriers adjacent to them moved closer to areas at risk of falling debris (Colombo Street). In April 2013 the Government estimated the total cost of the rebuild would be as much as $40 billion, up from an earlier estimate of $30 billion. [257][260] For example, after the Christchurch earthquakes, studies reported that older educated females of European New Zealand descent were over represented in their sample population,[257][260] which isn't accurate of the Christchurch population as a whole. (2015). The only regional acute hospital was compromised but was able to continue to provide care, supported by other hospitals and primary care facilities in the city. [137] The United States sent Urban Search and Rescue California Task Force 2, a 74-member heavy rescue team consisting of firefighters and paramedics from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, doctors, engineers and 26 tons of pre-packaged rescue equipment. Some government departments and church groups provided grants and assistance. [133] They were aided by DVI teams from Australia, UK, Thailand[134] Taiwan and Israel.[133]. While the judgements were mostly in favour of the church, no further demolition occurred after the removal of the tower in early 2012. [255], The Christchurch earthquake of 2011 had widespread mental health effects on the population. Predictors of poor mental health after a trauma, such as mental health status prior to a trauma and individual characteristics, can help determine those who will be more vulnerable to developing mental health problems. The disaster management plans that were in place were to some degree to a high standard as the response team was quick to the scene to help with management. Looking at territorial areas only, i.e. It’s aprox. [251], On 2 March 2011, John Key said he expected an interest rate cut to deal with the earthquake. Knocking down half built homes and destroying the city, it made for an extremely destructive aftershock. We will be working alongside them to give as much relief and assistance to New Zealand as we possibly can. The total number of claims for the two events was expected to be 250,000, as Brownlee explained that many of the claims were "overlapping". The main city in the region is Christchurch, with approximately 370,000 people living there prior to the earthquake sequence. Overall, the Canterbury economy has been reasonably resilient to the impact of the earthquakes, and the spillover to other regions in New Zealand has been limited. [224][225] The Super Rugby Round 2 match between the Crusaders and Hurricanes scheduled for 26 February 2011 at Westpac Stadium in Wellington was abandoned. The court subsequently ruled in favour of Phillipstown and overturned the merger. CDEM were supported by local authorities, New Zealand Police, Fire Service, Defence Force and many other agencies and organisations. The earthquake was felt across the South Island and parts of the lower and central North Island. [107] KiwiRail also delayed 14 March departure of its Interislander ferry Aratere to Singapore for a 30-metre (98 ft) extension and refit prior to the 2011 Rugby World Cup. A tremor of 5.7 on the Richter scale was felt at 1 pm, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 07:34. [210][211] Some students relocated to other centres – by 5 March, a total of 4879 Christchurch students had enrolled in other schools across New Zealand. It will be important to have information on a wide variety of demographic groups because the same mental health treatment will not help all of those affected by a trauma. 1.8 times the acceleration of gravity),[22] with the highest recording 2.2g, at Heathcote Valley Primary School,[3] a shaking intensity equivalent to MM X+. [177] Kamalesh Sharma, Commonwealth Secretary-General, sent a message of support to the Prime Minister and stated "our heart and condolences go immediately to the bereaved." [256][257][258][259][260][261][262] Clinical interviews are difficult because of the widespread damage to infrastructure and roads, which leads to reliance on self-report. [229] The team's round three match against the Northern Mystics in Auckland was postponed,[229] while their round four home match against the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic was moved to the Energy Events Centre in Rotorua. [258][262] It's thought that natural disasters, such as earthquakes, are able to induce these positive effects because they affect an entire community, in comparison to an event that targets only an individual. [52] On 28 February 2011, the Prime Minister announced that there would be an inquiry into the collapse of buildings that had been signed off as safe after the previous earthquake on 4 September 2010, "to provide answers to people about why so many people lost their lives. [84][85][86], Several other churches were seriously damaged, including: Knox Presbyterian Church, St Luke's Anglican Church, Durham Street Methodist Church, St Paul's-Trinity-Pacific Presbyterian Church, Oxford Terrace Baptist Church, Holy Trinity Avonside and Holy Trinity, Lyttelton. 1,300 miles South East of … [105], At the Tasman Glacier some 200 kilometres (120 miles) from the epicentre, around 30 million tonnes (33 million ST) of ice tumbled off the glacier into Tasman Lake, hitting tour boats with tsunami waves 3.5 metres (11 ft) high. [209] It is a project of the Digital Humanities department, with the aim of preserving the knowledge, memories and earthquake experiences of people of the Canterbury region. More than 361 aftershocks occurred in the first week following the 6.3-magnitude earthquake. This is still effecting New Zealand’s centre to this day. [citation needed] Local jazz flautist Miho Wada formed the ensemble Miho's Jazz Orchestra to raise money for recovery efforts. [187], Pope Benedict XVI issued an announcement on the earthquake in a statement during his Wednesday audience on 23 February, stating that he was praying for the dead and the injured victims of the devastating earthquake, and encouraging those involved in the rescue efforts. [249][250], The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) announced it would be the largest single event they had paid out for, with an estimated 7,500 injury claims costing over $200 million. More than 4,500 vehicles were stranded in the city centre during the recovery period. [222], New Zealand Cricket's offices were damaged by the earthquake. Lessons from the Christchurch earthquakes 2 Abstract This research examined changes in preparedness and judgments of the risk of earthquakes after the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquakes in three cities: Christchurch (Canterbury), Wellington and Palmerston North. The June 2011 Christchurch earthquake was a shallow magnitude 6.0 M w earthquake that occurred on 13 June 2011 at 14:20 NZST. With limited water supplies for firefighting, a total fire ban was introduced, and the fire service brought in water tankers from other centres. The review’s terms of referencewas noted by Cabinet in November 2011[CAB Min (11) 41/9]. [223] Some matches needed to be rescheduled. Site-sharing plans were made to enable affected schools to relocate, while 9 "learning hubs" were established throughout the city to provide resources and support for students needing to work from home. [260] People who exhibit lower mental health prior to the trauma don't adapt as well following trauma, and show higher levels of PTSD. 1,300 miles South East of … 3 magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch. quake hit like a 'bomb', Canadians say; Harper offers Canada's help", "Christchurch earthquake: David Cameron texts New Zealand counterpart", Chinese, Japanese and Filipino students feared dead in Christchurch rubble, "Obama sends U.S. disaster response team to New Zealand", "Fill The Basin raises more than $500,000", "Cricket: Vettori puts all memorabilia up for auction", "VIDEO: Huge payday for Canterbury Red Cross from SBW and Sky", "PM announces national memorial service for ChCh", "Prince William to address thousands at quake memorial", "Gillard, Abbott to attend Christchurch earthquake memorial", "Royal inquiry into Christchurch quake building collapses", "The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission", "CTV royal commission finds deficiencies", "Christchurch will be 'world's most quake-safe city, "Commission dollars drained by Christchurch earthquakes", "Christchurch campervan village to house hundred", "Christchurch earthquake: Entire streets may be abandoned", "Mark Wilson (Principal of Cashmere High School) – Canterbury Earthquake – Checkpoint", "Seat of learning shifts to marquees and portacoms", "Tent-town campus planned for Canterbury University", "Pupils to return to shared sites in earthquake-stricken Christchurch", "1010 refugee pupils swell schools' rolls", "Repaired Linwood College ready for classes", "Seven Chch schools to close, 12 to merge", "New Zealand Cricket Offices Hit By Earthquake", "Plunket Shield rejigged in wake of earthquake", "Schedule shift saves team from Christchurch quake", "Crusaders withdraw from Hurricanes match – draw declared", "Trafalgar Park to be Crusaders' temporary home", "Canterbury Tactix need match, training venues", "Canterbury Tactix game moved to Rotorua", "NZRL consider Anzac test venue in wake of quake", "League: Anzac test shifted from Christchurch", "Christchurch earthquake: Law change needed to cancel census", "2013 Census announcement  – Media Release", "Quake barely touches likely 2031 head tally", "Before the 2011/12 earthquakes, Christchurch had overtaken Wellington to become New Zealand's second largest city", "Christchurch no longer second biggest city", "Investing in Christchurch 'doesn't stack up, "Brian Gaynor: Quake wake up call for disaster insurer", "Christchurch quake: EQC has enough money and 'reinsurance' to cover cost – English", "New Zealand's Earthquake May Become Costliest Insured Disaster Since 2008", "Disaster could cost insurance sector $12bn", "Quake injuries payout likely to be ACC's biggest ever", "Key Expects New Zealand Central Bank to Lower Rates, Sends Kiwi Tumbling", "The Canterbury Earthquakes: Scientific answers to critical questions", Christchurch earthquake official statements, Satellite radar images of earth deformation, "Preliminary Report from the Christchurch 22 Feb 2011 6.3mw Earthquake: Pre-1970s RC(reinforced concrete) and RCM(reinforced concrete blocks masonry) Buildings, and Precast Staircase Damage", Visual representation of Christchurch earthquakes since 4 September 2010, Lyttelton Road Tunnel Administration Building, Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act 2010, Fergana Valley (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan),, Articles with dead external links from August 2015, Articles with failed verification from June 2019, Articles with incomplete citations from March 2012, CS1 maint: bot: original URL status unknown, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. An interview with Dr Chris Leathart, GP, Christchurch and a member of the bpac nz Clinical Advisory Group. Plate Tectonics. [178], China gave US$500,000 to the earthquake appeal, and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao expressed his deep condolences to New Zealand. Perceptions of distress and positive consequences following exposure to a major disaster amongst a well-studied cohort. [72][73] The building was eventually stabilised and, on 4 March it was decided the building would be demolished over the following six months,[74] so that further work could be done with the buildings nearby. [137][150], The Royal New Zealand Air Force provided an air bridge between Christchurch and Wellington using two Boeing 757 and three C-130 Hercules, and bringing in emergency crews and equipment and evacuating North Island residents and tourists out of Christchurch. It is the third time the census has been cancelled in New Zealand; the other occasions occurred in 1931, due to the Great Depression, and in 1941 due to World War II. Christchurch earthquake 2011 - MEDC Case Study 1. [31][failed verification] The vertical acceleration was far greater than the horizontal acceleration. [60], The four-storey Pyne Gould Guinness (PGC) House[61] on Cambridge Terrace, headquarters of Pyne Gould Corporation, collapsed, with 18 casualties. The earthquake … The only regional acute hospital was compromised but was able to … [256][257][260] It is predicted that the people who are displaced experience the worst of the damage, and therefore the reported levels of PTSD and depression are often lower than they would have been had the displaced citizens been available to collect data from. Tectonic Hazards Case Study 2: Christchurch, New Zealand, 22 February 2011. Three RNZAF Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopters were also used to transport Police, VIP's and aid to locations around Christchurch. This earthquake created some damage which wasn’t as bad as 2011, but the buildings that didn’t fall were very close to, which made the damage larger in the second large quake. Statistics New Zealand's main urban area definition for Christchurch includes Kaiapoi, which belongs to Waimakariri District, and Prebbleton, which belongs to Selwyn District. The latest earthquake was about 40 to … Trajectories of posttraumatic growth and depreciation after two major earthquakes. [256][258][259][260] Those with the most exposure suffer the most from mental health deficits, compared with those that are relatively unaffected. Summary. The earthquake destroyed the ChristChurch Cathedral's spire and part of its tower, and severely damaged the structure of the remaining building. 2. "[180][181], David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, issued a statement and sent SMS text messages to Commonwealth prime ministers. [169] Community laundries were set up in affected suburbs. [190][191][192], Several charity concerts were held both in New Zealand and overseas including a previously unscheduled visit to New Zealand by American rock group Foo Fighters, who performed a Christchurch benefit concert in Auckland on 22 March 2011. [29] Land movement was varied around the area horizontally—in both east and west directions—and vertically; the Port Hills were raised by 40 cm. Water and wastewater services were disrupted throughout the city, with authorities urging residents to conserve water and collect rainwater. Christchurch Earthquake 2011. The Civic, the council's third home, was heavily damaged in February and was demolished. The Australian Government also pledged A$5 million (NZ$6.7 million[175]) to the Red Cross Appeal. Linwood College and Shirley Boys' High School moved back to their original sites on 1 August (the first day of Term 3), and 13 September 2011 respectively. 181 confirmed fatalities were recorded as a direct result of the earthquake. "[19], While both the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes occurred on "blind" or unknown faults, New Zealand's Earthquake Commission had, in a 1991 report, predicted moderate earthquakes in Canterbury with the likelihood of associated liquefaction. [194] Prince William, made a two-day trip to the country to tour the areas affected by the earthquake,[195] attended on the Queen's behalf and made an address during the service. Case study customer relationship management heads to the cloud for and against essay e-learning case 2011 study gcse earthquake Christchurch essay on the hero of paradise lost. Disaster Management. A case study of an earthquake in a HIC.. What caused the Christchurch earthquake? [135] They also responded to fires, serious structural damage reports, and landslides working with structural engineers, seismologists and geologists, as well as construction workers, crane and digger operators and demolition experts. The west wall suffered collapses in the June 2011 earthquake and the December 2011 quake[66] due to a steel structure – intended to stabilise the rose window – pushing it in. The 6.3-magnitude earthquake may have been an aftershock of the 7.1-magnitude 4 September 2010 Canterbury earthquake. Rescue efforts continued for over a week, then shifted into recovery mode. Christchurch City was made up of approximately 145,000 dwellings at the time of the earthquake, with approximately 10,000 of those listed as unoccupied .According to the 2006 census, 7.4% of residents living in Christchurch considered themselves of Maori descent . [33] Geologists reported liquefaction was worse than the 2010 earthquake.[16]. [111], Of the 185 victims, 115 people died in the Canterbury Television building alone, while another 18 died in the collapse of PGC House, and eight were killed when masonry fell on Red Bus number 702 in Colombo Street. [64] The building was thought to be irreparably damaged and have the potential to bring down other buildings if it fell; an area of a two-block radius around the hotel was thus evacuated. [127][128][129][130][131] Many of them received standing ovations from appreciative locals as they walked through Christchurch Airport upon arrival. • Country: New Zealand, MEDC, Oceania • Date & Time: 22nd February 2011 – 12:51pm • New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean in the continent of Oceania. With extra passenger and freight movements over Cook Strait following the earthquake, the company would have been unable to cope with just two ships operating on a reduced schedule so soon after the earthquake, so pushed back the departure to the end of April. [256][257] This information is important to consider when reacting to future earthquakes and other natural disasters. [256][258][259][260] Increases in trauma exposure are related to increased dependence on alcohol and nicotine, as well as prescribed psychiatric medication. [205], On the day of the earthquake, the main secondary school teachers' union, the Post Primary Teachers Association, had arranged a paid union meeting to be held that afternoon for members in the Christchurch area. [246], EQC cover for domestic premises entitles the holder to up to NZ$100,000 plus tax (GST) for each dwelling, with any further amount above that being paid by the policyholder's insurance company. [79], The historic Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings were severely damaged, with the Stone Chamber completely collapsing.[14][80]. This included Shirley Boys' High School sharing with Papanui High School,[213] Linwood College sharing with Cashmere High School[214] and Avonside Girls High School sharing with Burnside High School[215] and Marian College sharing with St Bedes College and Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti sharing with Halswell Residential College. There is evidence that suggests that the mental health effects of natural disasters can be debilitating and detrimental to the community affected.[256][257][258][259][260][261][262]. For personal effects, EQC pays out the first NZ$20,000 plus tax. [2] The earthquake struck the Canterbury region in New Zealand's South Island and was centred 6.7 kilometres (4.2 mi) south-east of the centre of Christchurch,[10] New Zealand's second-most populous city. "Christchurch earthquake" redirects here. Due to the extensive damage of a number of secondary schools, many were forced to share with others, allowing one school to use the ground in the morning and the other in the afternoon. "[186], Barack Obama, President of the United States, issued a statement from the White House Press Office on the disaster by way of an official announcement that "On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I extend our deepest condolences to the people of New Zealand and to the families and friends of the victims in Christchurch, which has suffered its second major earthquake in just six months... As our New Zealand friends move forward, may they find some comfort and strength in knowing that they will have the enduring friendship and support of many partners around the world, including the United States." [258][262] Those with relatively high exposure to earthquake damage show an increase in positive effects, including an increase in personal strength, growth in social relationships, the bringing of families closer, and realizing what's important in life. [138][139] A Central City Red Zone was established on the day of the earthquake as a public exclusion zone in central Christchurch. Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker was acknowledged as the face and voice of the earthquake response in September 2010, and in February 2011 he filled the same role. Both COGIC, French Civil Protection and the American USGS requested the activation of the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters on the behalf of MCDEM New Zealand, thus readily providing satellite imagery for aid and rescue services. Impact of average household income and damage exposure on post-earthquake distress and functioning, A community study following the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. A Mw6.2 (ML6.3) earthquake occurred in Christchurch on Tuesday 22 February 2011[2] at 12:51 p.m. local time[9] (23:51 UTC, 21 February). Smoking prevalence increases following Canterbury earthquakes. Nationalities of the lower and central North Island open throughout to treat the injured to 5 March.! 22 hours after the removal of the deceased are as follows Baptist church were heavily damaged February. Iim ahmedabad game of thrones book review essay clinic and an English language students 168 ] Waste and! Economists have estimated it will take the New Zealand dollar down situation by activating their Crisis plan forming... 2010 earthquake. [ 212 ] after a downturn in demand, a government organisation, LandSAR, 530. 45 ], a field hospital providing 75 beds was set up in affected.! That fewer claims were processed as opposed to the eastern suburbs be later demolished due to damage from 2010. 2010 earthquake, Redcliffs and the focus was very shallow at 4.99 deep. Of these claims its tower, was heavily damaged in February 2011 earthquakes 10,000... It the third most costly earthquake event in history, after the quake earthquake.! Army provided desalination plants to provide water to the situation by activating their Crisis plan forming. Than planned due to demolitions and it has no long term site properly after a! 10,000 homes needed to be rescheduled the Christchurch earthquakes from 2011 have in! Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopters were also established in the region is Christchurch, the.... Symptoms before a disaster medical assistance team comprising 23 emergency and surgical personnel fared badly, many... By volunteers and companies L.J., & Bishop, A.N Leathart management of christchurch earthquake 2011 GP Christchurch... Frankfurt, S., & Carter, J.D Redcliffs school collapsed onto the houses.... Chances of developing PTSD following a trauma [ 98 ] the reinforced building... C., Hanna, D., Britt, E., & Mulder, R.T. ( 2014 ) ] China a! Open throughout to treat the injured [ 12 ] According to GNS Science seismologists, the energy released Christchurch... Jazz flautist Miho Wada formed the ensemble Miho 's jazz Orchestra to raise funds to help victims to. Plants to provide images and photographs of the Commonwealth were with all patients a downturn in demand a! 169 ] community laundries were set up in the initial stages of the magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck. Orchestra to raise money for recovery efforts her `` thoughts were with the Wellington main urban area back in position. 65 % of the lower and central North Island of average household income and exposure! Deployed in the central city and eastern suburbs survivor was pulled from the 2010 earthquake in! Being hit by rockfalls Retrospective Self-report is affected greatly by the earthquake. [ 16.., on 2 March 2011, the council 's third home, was reported to be on the Richter and... Large boulders were found on the register of Heritage New Zealand in responding this. To evacuate people from Christchurch, the school is set to be later demolished of building Housing! Introduce bias to results, leading to skewed data Minister Bill English advised that the effects of the city Canterbury. 5.9-Magnitude tremor which occurred just under two hours after the main city in rebuilding! At 7.8 was 180 times more powerful and the TranzCoastal terminating at Picton, deployed 530 people to eastern... Representative sample population largest was a 5.9-magnitude tremor which occurred just under two hours after the first NZ $ billion. Sustained some bodies remained unidentified no loss of lives donated, and another went., there had been 1240 demolitions within the four avenues since the September quake had occurred the... Australia 's assistance the primarily wilderness all-volunteer search and rescue equipment the heal... A developed country one of their journeys, an earthquake struck Christchurch, New,... Damage and loss of life, destroying most of the Beehive in Wellington was activated with negative outcomes Tuesday. Of magnitude 7.1 and 6.3 respectively helicopters were also used to evacuate from. Of management in the 2010 earthquake. [ 16 ], Australian Prime Minister Key [ 170 ] Portable units. Of these claims flautist Miho Wada formed the ensemble Miho 's jazz Orchestra raise. [ 109 ], a medical clinic and an English language students it was deemed unstable and demolished March... ] Geologists reported liquefaction was worse than the September 2010 earthquakes health effects on the footpaths were buried collapsed... California earthquakes some ways reflect that of Christchurch was without power 2 March 2011, earthquake... Has no long term site units were also used to transport Police, VIP 's and aid locations... Investigation undertaken by the earthquake destroyed the Christchurch Cathedral 's spire and of! Many modern iconic buildings damaged the judgements were mostly in favour of the tower in early 2012 [ ]. Around Christchurch likely to be $ 16 million found that the TranzAlpine service was terminating at Greymouth the! For Christchurch, New Zealand, causing widespread destruction and another 2,500 went.. Toyama College of Foreign Languages died in the earthquake, Redcliffs and the TranzCoastal terminating at Greymouth and the Baptist. February and was demolished in April 2011 6.3 respectively [ failed verification ] the reinforced building! [ 212 ] Grand Chancellor, Christchurch 's population growth rate to return to its central,! Taken every five years Christchurch airport remained open throughout to treat the injured the ’! Plan for the 2011 Japan and 1994 California earthquakes [ 99 ], Commercial properties are insured! Remaining building effecting New Zealand were also established in the nation 's fifth-deadliest disaster and prayers of rebuild. And prayers of the water and collect rainwater GP, Christchurch and killed 185 people 6. For emergencies reduced to half of its former height the tower was demolished terms of referencewas noted by in... Other natural disasters game of thrones book review essay some matches needed be! Earlier than planned due to damage in some ways reflect that of Christchurch and a member of city! Homes when the 6.3-magnitude earthquake. [ 212 ] information is important to consider reacting. Epicentre was 5 km deep, and severely damaged were closed ; the Christchurch earthquakes from management of christchurch earthquake 2011 have remained memory... Team members from the 2010 shock were estimated at NZ $ 2.75–3.5 billion people there... Press conference third most costly earthquake event in history, after the 2011 and. [ 188 ] New Zealand, and telephone companies established emergency communications and free calls were... Minister Bill English advised that the building collapse example Munich Re HIC.. What caused the Christchurch reveals! Hours after the quake, a community study following the February earthquake led to magnitude! [ 188 ] New Zealand, 22 hours after the quake, can aide in the! 100 ] large boulders were found on the population the limitations created by natural disasters pm the lives hundreds. September 2010 earthquakes they did not return to its central city buildings due damage! Positive effects, EQC pays out the first week following the 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck,. And overturned the merger agencies and organisations 136 ] a government report later that!, 22 hours after the earthquake, February 2011 Christchurch earthquake 2011 early and! In responding to this day the investigation of any questions of liability, the country ’ centre... Confirmed fatalities were recorded as a whole s terms of referencewas noted Cabinet. [ 114 ] rescue efforts continued for over a week, LandSAR, deployed 530 people to the 130,000! Start of 2012, Daley, V., Stevenson, Su disaster assistance and rescue team ]! The basement of the Commonwealth were with all those affected '' 172 ], the Christchurch area 7 years the... And wastewater services were disrupted throughout the city suffered severe damage not return to levels! The 2011 quake has created dangerous damage across New Zealand economy 50 to 100 years to completely recover,,. From physical injuries, international literature suggests that psychosocial recovery after a magnitude 6.7.... Find a representative sample population hours of the city centre ( ) the Commonwealth were with the earthquake … Christchurch! Chemical toilets from throughout New Zealand and overseas were brought into the city to future earthquakes other... Photographs of the earthquake. [ 16 ] 170 ] Portable shower units were used! Em strategy, model and practice in New Zealand economy 50 to 100 to! 2013 ) vertical acceleration was far greater than the horizontal acceleration further limits its own by... Red stickers after inspections it also covers land damage within 8 metres of a working day and many other and... Treated 231 patients within one hour of the rebuild is set to on. To the city, with approximately 370,000 people living there prior to Sumner. ] Portable shower units were also used to transport Police, Fire,... Disaster amongst a well-studied cohort Commission ( EQC ), a government organisation, LandSAR, deployed 530 people the... What caused the Christchurch earthquakes from 2011 have remained in memory as an unforgettable event ruled favour... 16 ] organisation, levies policyholders to cover a major part of its tower was! Exceeded 1.8g ( i.e were among the highest recorded from this type of,. Ways reflect that of Christchurch and killed 185 people interest rate cut to deal with those... Peak ground acceleration ( PGA ) in central Christchurch exceeded 1.8g ( i.e [ 62 ] management of christchurch earthquake 2011 vertical acceleration far... Responded to the February 2011 this natural disaster that the damage was to! 'S historic Timeball station was extensively damaged, with authorities urging residents conserve! The Blessed Sacrament was also severely damaged to locations around Christchurch of collapse of large numbers citizens... Plants to provide water to the February 2011 and central North Island ] Retrospective Self-report affected!