Ocean is a large body of water surrounding lands. Thishas an impact on where and how we live. Geography Notes Form Three Free Download. Geography Notes Form 3; Geography Notes KCSE Form 3 - Topics - Form 3 Geography Syllabus. Form 3 Geography Notes Faulting occurs due to tectonic movements which lead to forces of compression or extension on volumes of rock. Notes za Geography Form 3. Geography Notes Form Three Pdf. Note: Oceans have no uniform distribution on the earth’s surface. Thrust faulting: a fault propagation fold. They are caused by earth movements. The fault scarp is the cliff that represents the portion of the fault plane exposed above the surface of the Earth. The EndThe EndThank uThank u Hello I have several computers on a FRESH install of 1809. Examples of these processes are folding, faulting and … 16. Click the button below to download the full Geography Form 2 Notes pdf document, with all the topics. Form 2 Geography Notes. GY 111 Lecture Notes D. Haywick (2007-08) 3 4). If anyone ever tries to sell you a chunk of Geography Form 3 Questions and Answers. Mountainsform and disappear over time, as well aslarge rift valleys and other features. SummarySummary• Folding and faulting has a major influenceon the way the earth looks. A fault is a planar discontinuity on a large mass of rock along where there could be signifacant displacements on both sides. Oceans. Tension forces theory. Sticky notes refuses to open and crashes. It has the same units as pressure, but also has a direction. There are three types of stress: tension, compression and shearing. Folded soil layer along a lake in Wisconsin caused by thrusting of ice on shore by high winds during spring thaw. KLB Geography Form 3. Kinematics of Normal Faulting • Domino, Bookshelf-Style Normal Faulting • Listric Normal Faulting with Reverse Drag • Imbricate Listric Normal Faulting • Inversion Types of stress: 1. Note the formation of the fault propagation fold and the anticline core exposed in the background by a … Get Folding and Faulting, Geography Chapter Notes, Questions & Answers, Video Lessons, Practice Test and more for CBSE Class 10 at TopperLearning. Two prominent theories have been proposed to explain the formation of rift valleys. Lecture 1 Notes (PDF) Lecture 1 Slides (PDF - 1.6MB) 2: TP: Origin and Age of the Earth: Lecture 2 Notes (PDF) Lecture 2 Slides (PDF - 2.6MB) 3: OJ: Introduction to Minerals: Lecture 3 Notes (PDF) Lecture 3 Slides (PDF - 2.3MB) 4: OJ: Igneous Rocks: Lecture 4 Notes (PDF) Slides are not available for this lecture. Due to such forces, rocks are stressed to a point where planar cracks called faults appear. Hey, want a piece of good advice? Faults are fractures or cracks that develop in the crust. ... Faulting is the cracking/fracturing of the brittle crustal rocks due to tectonic forces. The resulting extensive, deep, wide,”V” shaped valley formed by faulting, tear faulting compression forces as a rift valley. One attributes them to tension forces while another attributes it to compression forces. Name: _____ Date: _____ Period: _____ PowerPoint Notes: Faulting, Folding and Mountain Building ____ stress _____ is a force acting on a rock. Brief Overview: INTERNAL LAND FORMING/ENDOGENETIC PROCESSES -Processes operating in the interior of the earth resulting in the formation of natural physical features or landforms. Major oceans of the world:-(i) Pacific Ocean – 165.3 million km 2 (ii) Atlantic Ocean – 82.2 million km 2 (iii) Indian Ocean – 73.4 million km 2. Download comprehensive and detailed form two Geography notes.