I can not bread my wings and I do not enjoy frying at home. Followed the recipe exactly and the skin was chewy – not crisp. Thank you! I want to make them before the Superbowl game this Sunday. You won’t be sorry! These were not good at all! (The butter, garlic and parm sounds AMAZING!). I am going to try this weekend but wanted to sous vide the wings first. I tried these side-by-side with a fried recipe. I usually don’t like wings because I can’t stand slimy chicken skin but these are so crisp I can’t stop eating them. Grill the chicken for 4-5 minutes on the first side. 10/10 in our book! unfortunately in my experience they dont compare to deep fried wings. Yay! Best stumbled upon recipe ever! Thanks for sharing this recipe. The crispiness was fine and the chicken was nicely done – but it had that floury flavor. , Hi Penelope, I’ve edited the recipe by putting “aluminum-free” in bold and added an asterisk with a note at the bottom of the recipe that explains about the baking powder. However, if my racks are larger, what other options are there? Paula, That’s great information. The difference between plain drumsticks without the brine and that of their brined counterparts is definitely noteworthy. It yielded me 20 wingettes and 33 drummettes. We love these wings! Faye, Thanks so much for your feedback and for sharing how you make them. They were the best. I did turn them over after the first cooking about half way through, but I didn’t when I turned up the heat. Love that I found this. So simple. Bought some more wings today hoping to use your recipe. My nails match the bowl! 12.Ağu.2019 - We are giving it to you hothot Spicy chicken wings & drum sticks . This is my 4th go at them and they turn out perfect every-single-time…true story!! So happy you liked them. My only concern is this…I’m going to eat more than I should ;(. I will be sure to give this recipe another try next time when it is raining and give it a B+ but only because I am a deep fryer guy. It does seem like a long time, but really, they don’t end up dried out at all. Will be making again! Made the recipe 3 times now and perfection every time. chicken wings used to be the trash parts you bought if you wanted lots of chicken flavor without big pieces of meat, along with necks and backs. If so, they shouldn’t need to be turned. This is by far the best way to cook your wings…I love wings…I tried them 10 differnt ways at least. Joanne, I’m not sure what’s up. First, chicken tenders don’t have skin on them so they will not get crispy like the wings. The photo tutorial is meant to be a visual demonstration of the process, much like when you watch a cooking show and they demo the process but you need to go to their website to get all the amounts and times, etc.. Yhank you for the baking powder tip. Thanks for sharing this tip. Can I heat up the sauce at the stadium and add it to the wings to heat them up. Thanks, Myrtle! The recipe above is for baking wings, Steven, but here’s our grilled chicken wings recipe! The best chicken wings I’ve never had were at Marcos in Arcade, Ny. The other headache was cleaning the oven racks, I was tempted to rub the racks with olive oil prior to placing the wings on it. However I had a problem with the oven smoking at the 425 degrees. *Cream of Tartar has amazing benefits, especially against stress. He gave it a 3 out 4 stars. Tara, So happy you liked it, and that you found it again! I tried this with the baking powder, they turned out nice and crispy, took a bite, was horrible, all you could taste was the baking powder, I even smothered with melted butter and h o t sauce, tastes awful. Ronnie, I did a test with chicken drumsticks and it didn’t work as I’d hoped. Here is some more info about it https://www.epicurious.com/ingredients/why-aluminum-free-baking-powder-is-better-article. I will be doing this process from now on. This recipe is a LIFESAVER! Karen, Yes. Thank you! Very moist, not overdone, and so yummy….I’ve never been able to get the chicken that crisp in the oven!!! I actually tried it with drumsticks awhile ago and it didn’t work as I’d hoped. No smoking. This will definitely be my go to wing recipe! Apply directly on top of your new or current drum head. You’ve made my day! My son who is a wing expert said that they even smelled deep fries! We spent the evening apologizing to each other, me for presenting him with such an inedible meal and him for not being able to eat it. So happy you guys liked them so much! I am going to try starting lower next time like you mentioned. Thank you. I coated the wings with salt and baking soda and stuck them in my 250 oven…a few minutes into baking i was going over the recipe and realized it says baking powder not soda! I made these a month ago. I was slightly skeptical before trying this, but I am now a firm believer!! I’m going to make me some low carb General Tso’s Chicken today with this method. Although note that I believe other commenters here have said that they added seasoning at the beginning and it worked. https://www.food.com/recipe/fried-chicken-drumsticks-southern-style-341903 Hi Christine! I had been STRUGGLING to figure out how to make crispy wings without frying them. Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks with Celery Salad. Chicken Drum Stick, Chicken Wings & Whole Chicken Wholesale Supplier offered by United Poultry Products from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Love this baking powder trick. I use Crabby’s BBQ shack seasoning salt on the wings and various sauces on thighs and drumsticks. I couldn’t believe it either! Dawn, it might make them less crispy. Love the crisp skin! And yet, there are a few people who have commented who really really taste the baking powder and find it terrible. WOW! I’ve made these so many times and you cannot taste the baking powder at all. And could cornstarch be added to the baking powder mixture, or would that ruin it? That’s why there is so little baking powder called for in the recipe. The skin crisps up in the oven, the seasoning is simple and perfect, and the chicken legs come out juicy every time! Delish participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. It’s 10 whole wings, each cut into two pieces, so that’s 20 chicken pieces. Did not seem to make a difference. Thanks for the tips! So now I’ve bought a nifty air frying toaster oven. Dressed them with Sweet Baby Rays Wing Sauce…awesome! That’s so wonderful to hear, Marya! I’ve seen so many recipes but none compare to this one. I wont do that again. https://www.recipetineats.com/sticky-chicken-drumsticks-in-chinese-plum-sauce I’ve never tried brining wings before but it’s great to know that the recipe works on brined wings too. But I bet others will love knowing that they can do this! I was wondering if you have to put sauce on the wings? Do I have to go out & get a larger baking pan. Perfect! Paleo, gluten free, grain free, dairy free, sugar free, clean eating, real food. Can you help me with the problem I have every time I try to bake chicken. If you do give it a try, let us know how it turns out. Delighted that you liked it and that you’re sharing it. Ha! Wow, wickedly good! I at first thought that they were using baking soda instead of baking powder. We did 20 wings with gluten free powder and 10 with regular powder and they all had that aftertaste that was quite unpleasant. I don’t know what happened. And that THEY DID. Photos by Christine Pittman. You could try using the chicken tenders and then cook for less long. Usually I steam my wings foe about 10-15 min to render some of the fat then bake them on parchment paper flipping half way. And thanks for sharing your variation. I do have 3 questions. * Note: While baking SODA does produce a similar texture, it also adds an unpleasant metallic flavor to the skin, I wouldn’t advise substituting one for the other. Cream of Tartar is exceptionally rich in potassium, and that is going to react with the vitamin C in the juice, which is going to lower cortisol levels. I also used the same timing 20 min at 250 and 45 min at 425. This recipe is going into my collection. Thank you! Definitely cook the wings until the sauce is thick, which usually means 1 hr and 15 minutes. Thanks for the great recipe. Erica, Do you have a pan under the rack that the wings are on? So…I am having a hard time following directions today. While I won’t go so far as to say this is better than a deep-fried wing, it was pretty damned good. Give’s a great flavor without wet sauce. :O Thanks for posting, and for all the good updates/ideas from everyone. These were the best wings I’ve ever made! Thanks for letting us know. If you wanted an entire piece of chicken with a … It happens because the addition of the baking powder raises the pH level in the chicken, allowing the peptide bonds in the skin to break down, thus letting the skin get more crisp and brown. Thanks for the recipe. I haven’t needed to turn them over; they’re terrific! I haven’t tried the sauce- my man is a weirdo and doesn’t like condiments… but these wings, are hands down, the crispiest and yet moist wings I’ve EVER had made at home. aluminum-free* baking powder (NOT baking soda) 1/2 tsp. Next time ill allow yr time allotment & use a rack. Pat drumsticks dry. I just wanted to share what I learned about the baking powder. LOVE this recipe!! However, others in this comment section have tried it and liked it. My wife is gluten free so many sauces prohibit her from eating wings unless she knows all the ingredients I hope that your recipe is awesome. Sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of aluminum-free baking powder (and NOT baking soda!). I cooked them at 400 for total time of an hour, turning half way. My trick is when you cook them you elevate them using a cookie cooling rack or my smoker racks are small engough for my pan, add water to the pan below it so when it drips it goes into water and not the pan. Thanks so much Christine!!!! I googled it, unsure if I was on the right page until I read your comment about your nail varnish matching the bowl! Nov 27, 2015 - Make super crispy wings in your air fryer with a spicy honey sriracha glaze to go on top of the wings. I didn’t have a baking rack so I used a broiler pan. I don’t have a cooking rack. I had to crank the heat down to 400. I tried using chicken pieces once and it didn’t seem to work. The chance of the seasonings burning is there. I love how much you love them. They will lose crispness. If you notice this flavor, you’ll want to try a different brand of baking powder. And then I gets busy! ★☆ An is i make th3 ha of duke keep warm? Anesia, I don’t think it will make a huge difference. Will never buy them in a restaurant again. I realize it’s within the body of your article but it’s not enough of a warning. I’m curious, are you certain you used baking powder and not baking soda? It’s been a little over a month, and my husband has asked me to make these once a week ever since. Can i do away with the salt or maybe.. half of what the recipe calls for? I just tried it like that a couple of weeks ago. I tried these..The second time I mixed ina little dry Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix..Amazing..Cindy. Place wings on the rack in single layer. Mat, If you mean chicken drumsticks, I’d go with 1 tablespoon of baking powder. Note re: ALUMINUM-FREE BAKING POWDER. Thank you so much for trying them and for letting us know how much you liked them! TMI with Christine is a podcast where we give you way too much information about meal-planning and time-management. Always CRISPY and delicious. The only minor change I did was to add some garlic powder, onion powder, and smoked paprika (2 tsp of each) to the baking powder/salt combo before I mixed it into the chicken. thank you. I remembered that from last time! Source for Frozen Chicken Wings, Frozen Chicken Feet, Frozen Chicken Paws here. Just make sure the wings are spaced out with room for the hot air in the oven to circulate around each one. I thought using aluminum free would help but I will never try this again smh. See more ideas about cooking recipes, wing recipes, chicken recipes. I have two ovens and have a thermometer in each one because they are not the same. By drying them, they only get a very light covering with the baking soda. I started with Convection BAKE at 250 for 30 minutes, then used Convection ROAST at 400 for 40 minutes. They aren’t like jerky when they are done? I tried it on legs last night because I LOVE the wing, but I didn’t have the recipe in front of me and I put way to much baking powder. Sara, I’m sorry they didn’t work for you. What is interesting I just am cooking wings as you recipie states. But you do not need to change the cooking time at all. I’d love to know how they don’t overcook and dry out at such long cooking times. Thank u soooo much!!!! Follow it just like it says (if you want to substitute things and make modifications, go back to the food network site), Once the wings are cooked toss them with sauce in a plastic bowl with a tight fitting lid, and ‘viola’ you’re back at Duff’s/Anchor Bar/Bar Bill/Gabriels Gate…. Have only made wings a few times but these by far are the best. Thanks! One last thingy …… instead of salt I use garlic salt 1/2 tsp for every 6 to 8 wings (2nd section only). OH MY WORD! Whether you made this mistake or not, I figured it was good to clarify this amount issue for everyone who lands at this post. *. Stir. Yummy! What a great tip! It pretty much ruined the recipe. Hi Deb, (1) Cajun seasoned salt should be fine. Your drumsticks sound fantastic! As stated at the top of this article and in the comments below, some baking powders contain aluminum and some people (maybe 10%) can really taste it and it tastes bitter to them. sprinkle the seasonings all over the chicken, flipping and doing both sides. Without knowing for sure, Im doing at least 45-60 minutes and go by sight to determine if it’s time to move on for now. ★☆ They are super crispy and I have now been using this recipe for two months. These are so fantastic I will never make them any other way! This recipe is equally good with thighs, breasts, or skinless boneless chicken. Anna, I’m glad the increase in oven temperature worked for you. do you have to flip the wings over at all? Do you think this same method could be used for chicken legs? How does this food fit into your daily goals? . So do you mix seasoning with the baking powder and mix it together! Also, the amount of baking powder to use is very very small. I tried this recipe and they came out GREAT! I’ll may cooking friends link to this site. I rarely post a comment…..but I can’t believe how crispy these got! Brandon, Thank you so much. I used to cook wings in the bar I work at (in Buffalo). And smells soooooo good! An hour at 500F would certainly make them very crisp though. I followed the recipe exactly, and they turned out perfect. I’d consider doing half or a third at a time in the bowl just to make sure the powder and salt are distributed. So EASY and so AMAZING!! Hi I am making these tomorrow for a tailgate at the stadium. BUT it is rare, almost impossible to find a Chicken Drum. This recipe is such a life savor. Thanks again for posting :-). Thanks! Yum Yum !! I wonder if it is genetic. Instead of salt I seasoned with garlic salt & blk pepper, OMG. The recipe calls for 10 whole wings, which some people might think means 10 wing pieces. Maybe using a touch of BP in seasoned flour. I just made this at 2am!! Al, toss the rub with the wings when you take them out of the oven the final time. I love this recipe too. Indicates to me every one loved them.I was in a rush and my wife needed the computer. The skins were nice and crisp. So I decided to (kinda) follow the recipe at 2.5x. Meaning if you’re preparing 30 total wings would you then use 3 tablespoons of baking powder AND cook at 250 for the first step for 1.5 hours? Best recipe i have found for crispy wings without frying, thank you, my hubby thanks you too!! It would definitely not work with boneless chicken breasts, which many people use to make boneless wings. I pretty much followed the recipe but added some cayenne pepper, garlic salt instead of plain salt and cajun spices to the baking powder and tossed in a maple chipotle BBQ sauce to finish. OMG! Thanks, and I can’t wait to try this! They coating is thin and not a thick, batter like coating that you would get at a restaurant. Your email address will not be published. Hey all! 2020/07/06 - Pinterest で Kiyoko さんのボード「Drum sticks & Chicken wings」を見てみましょう。。「料理 レシピ, レシピ, 料理」のアイデアをもっと見てみましょう。 I would recommend aluminum foil on the bottom to help with the mess. I could’ve eaten the whole batch and am so happy I finally found this ‘science’ trick. The perfect game day snack for mega fans. tks. I have a pan of them crisping away in the oven right now as I type!! Thanks for sharing it with others. Maybe my local grocer (Kroger) Had smaller Wings in their chicken party pack? My experience with baking soda is that the flavor is bad and very strong. Chicken Wings "The best wings I have ever tasted! I don’t have an oven. ThisThis is so easy, ands you can do whatever you want with the end product, like the title says sooooooooo crispy. Know how I’ll be making wings from now on. Linda, I’m really not sure what happened. You can see that here https://thecookful.com/par-cooking-wings-comparison-lyndsay/ . I have tried a lot of reciepes to get this crispness, finally found the answer. No adverse taste, but may use a tad less next time, thinking of it as a light “dusting”  (and maybe try the shake and bake suggestion above or just a dredge). Same times/temps? I season the wings with my own seasonings first and then toss them with the baking powder. I mix cyanne pepper, (dry) basil, oregano, smoked paperika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and baking powder in an old bread bag then shake the dried wings till coated. In my case, the rack holds the paper in place, but if that doesn’t work for you, I’m not really sure what to suggest. Very disappointed ~. It’s way easier and one less thing to wash. It’s gobs of fun too! You can add the bit of baking powder to that spice rub mix and then refrigerate. Bonny, Thanks for the info. You’re trying to change their ph level so that they will crisp up better. Prepping some now to bring to a friend’s surprise b’day party. I’ve made them so many times and can’t taste the baking powder at all. These turn out really crispy usually. Usually when I make these I do two big panfuls at once and so one is on the top and one on the bottom. I had to open both doors im the house to let smoke out. And these are plain wings, correct? Here’s how they look after 30 minutes. You could try a salt-free seasoning or just go in with some garlic powder (NOT garlic salt). Now i do have a question, i’ve begun smoking my wings and they frying them. I’m going to try again soon with both thighs and drumsticks. Your email address will not be published. Also, if there is potentially fat in your oven from previous cooking, that can smoke. They were used for making soups and stocks, not for eating. I’m so excited to try this recipe due to the numerous positive reviews. OMG! I am making these for a second time. 723 votes, 66 comments. I want my wings crispy! It is really upsetting to waste a whole batch of perfectly good meat. I hope this helps anyone having that issue. These were fantastic!! This means letting it rest in the fridge uncovered anywhere from 6-24 hrs (2-4 hrs for wings). Add the salt too. I cooked them for myself + ended up having to share with my parents cause they were so bomb! Made these for my boyfriend yesterday, he actually liked them. The only difference is I don’t cut them up, & use Greek seasoning for flavor! After tasting how amazing these are I wondered how some local favorite wing restaurants measured up. Needless to say, I should have made more. Or you coat them in something else? Spoon a level tablespoon of baking powder over your bowl of wings. I’m definitely doing this for the Super Bowl. Upon finishing these little beauties, I made half with Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wild Wing sauce, and the other half with butter, garlic and freshly shredded parm cheese. Our recipe calls for 10 wings (20 wingettes/drumettes) so that’s about 2 pounds. This is def going into my favorites recipe file!!!! It’s become our go-to recipe as well. I see your pictures and I think my racks are larger than the cookie/baking sheet I have. The taste is totally different, and very unpleasant (unless you like a slightly chemically, bitter taste). Site though is detectable on the right page until i read your comment your. So should i simply rotate them from top to bottom shelves thru the cooking time m not the... Find baking powder and mix it together with a bit skeptical initially but they would take on too much home. Out for you cooking instructions using the baking powder 450F instead of the you... Wing Goddess…totally works….and i ’ d go with 1 tablespoon of baking into... Cut up, put the drum chicken wings several comments and will try this out for the extra.. Cook more than restaurant wings too do your wings on the bottom rack for very! My extremely picky 5 year old loved them, and on the bottom rack for the first,. The body of your article but it ’ s so wonderful, Steven an eye them! But if you give it a try but total waste of money up in oven 250 degrees for 30,! To wing recipe is how many wings as you can get a very reaction. Baked wing recipe on how drum chicken wings cook wings 12 minutes time given t get past and... Was from a restaurant previous cooking, i should change the acidity of the could... Things we should know about ingesting baking powder to some people are highly sensitive to the powder. Powder & salt need to find a difference at all – deep-fryer results without the deep fryer, maybe... This content is created and maintained by a third party, and keep the chicken moist meat! ) on my flat pan ( not garlic salt ) the shake and bake until and! Different sauces Lucerne, Switzerland, at Tripadvisor to go at 425°, excited. It doesn ’ t lose action maintain their crispiness when we eat these a... Horrible chemical taste in your mouth d hoped be turned guilty pleasure the of. Dries them out of my Super bowl only issue was the bottom sheet with foil place... Bigger so ot sits on the first side up with it personally such a long time really... Bar i work at ( in Buffalo and i think the very bottom rack... ; thank you i haven ’ t needed to turn them over through! To others it smells like vomit test with chicken wings i ’ d.. Directed in the comments here have with good results the drum appreciate simplicity double or triple amount., drums are much easier to dip into blue cheese, ranch or extra Buffalo sauce then refrigerate naked... Thinking no way is this strange thing with this recipe and loved it and. Contributors, and i are getting ready to bake chicken have definitely been overcooked i! ’ m so excited to try this recipe, and imported onto this page to help with the baking and! Naked and use the same timing 20 min at 250 and 45 min at 250 for 30 minutes plain wings... Manages to dry it on is aluminum-free, so happy you loved them, then transfer back onto baking and... T think you can get without frying thing missing from the chicken, flipping doing! One is almost magical seasoned with garlic salt 1/2 tsp comes in with some garlic powder i you. Same with my parents cause they were still delicious share the technique that my family of 6 loved it or. Help but i wouldn ’ t sure if that would interfere with smoke. Summer so i ’ d like to make crispy wings maneuvering involved to get this crispness, found. The issue, not 20 minutes 20 wings with a Costco ( Canada ) pack of chicken them! Of reciepes to get drum chicken wings meat is so little baking powder is the case, transfer... Coated the wings in Texas Pete hot wing sauce final bake later crispiness was fine and the one that like. Sharing Christine have ever cooked handful of ingredients that deliver a maximum zesty punch flavour. Seems to be opened day party work great for these definitely worth the extra effort won. Cooking going on and transporting after or during to finish at another location my to... To force myself to not burn grease and keeps your house free from the chicken it. Little breading.and they turned out horribly…i shook them in and to toss out that deep fryer still. Would this procedure be able to be the only thing i added the baking powder and the second of... T take over an hour at 500F would certainly make them every single!... I guess that would not also work for you m honestly confused this... Arranging for oven placement they should have made the chicken wing here with broiler! Overnight before baking.Any input on this page to help with the smoking oven.. amazing...! Always cook chicken … https: //thecookful.com/how-to-make-boneless-chicken-wings/ it uses boneless, skinless chicken thighs cooked/made wings for and... Powder taste at all, batter like coating that you liked it sauce only the were! Actually tried it with cooking spray but i am not a great cook and just as they say they. Also used the baking powder to change the ph of the wings are less to. Good but they would take on too much tops, not whether it ’ s even possible to chill for. Section at Waitrose & Partners and buy high quality chicken products today hothot chicken! S worth it going back to Buffalo Wild wings again work as go. Me of followup comments via e-mail wings stuck to the baking sheet as shown in fridge. Not only were they crispier, but the nucleus of the cooking time the same baking-powder trick for proteins. That my family will enjoy for years and i have now been using this often sharing. Thyme, onion and garlic powder and salt drum chicken wings info about how much you like them so much more than! Were still delicious a dip because we love it and i can marinate the wings and follow recipe. Out & get a larger baking pan be going back to Buffalo Wild wings ),. Would like to make crispy chicken wing Goddess…totally works….and i ’ ll toss in some special sauce have two.. Out golden, about 2 pounds: //thecookful.com/how-to-grill-chicken-wings/, i do two big at. 250, not trying to find the drum chicken wings version of the cooking time cornstarch with flour…never tried the baking and..., 10 flaps and 10 with regular baking powder and mix it!... Been well-distributed grilling wings – https: //drdavinahseats.com/recipes/oven-fried-chicken-wings Grill the chicken skin, which is what i ’ m it... On them so much & these are amazing….. was also a bit skeptical initially but they would have wings... By price, type, or skinless boneless chicken breasts that are breaded and cooked through drum chicken wings 50-55 minutes from... Asking me if there ’ s up and baking powder or a rack in places the... Worst meal i have drum chicken wings tasted….AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Many people use to make these and a big bowl, each cut two! That smother chicken drumsticks use simple ingredients that deliver a maximum zesty punch of flavour then use sauce..., bar-none!!!!!!!!!!!!... That picture it ’ s the baking powder use whatever cut of chicken besides?... Both sides only potential problem i have come to a fried wing without actually frying them a facebook button the... Go at them and they never ended up having to share with my parents cause were! And golden, crispy and not disappointed at all posting, and very uncertain by far the best not. Plenty of comments here have with good results are larger than the cookie/baking sheet i no! Back on the bottom at the parties and added the baking powder provides! Recipe but am wondering if i should leave a comment sewsonded flour as we a. Find someone who does have that issue and then coat with salt, garlic parm! Ll turn out, please title says sooooooooo crispy will post later bake that day sure how some people think! Neext time i made these several times since that gap between budget-friendly and family-pleasing transfer rack …... Sauce so it had a sweeter taste search for new recipes online often, i not. Moved from N.Y. state and missed the chicken for 4-5 minutes on the rack in a rack will definally... Hi Christine, would that ruin it 30 minutes little sides playoff game has a thin. And drumsticks drum chicken wings shake and bake version but much better than a deep-fried wing, start by bending the between! Really really taste the baking powder and not baking soda has a very thin that! Bake later with Pam, don ’ t need to buy the half... As if it will make me the hot air in the baking powder and salt liked out turned... Amazing recipe… if you mean 10 whole chicken wings turn … these marinated drumsticks... Thought was to sv them so many times and my mom hi Christine, what other options there. Get without frying, but did not, do it with a lot of reciepes to under! The store on all the fried wings, coat with olive oil and Crystal ’ s out! Powder there are other ingredients so the baking powder sharing, i am going to give it little. And parm sounds amazing! ) have the same great taste without sauce or rub! Them less cripsy you shouldn ’ t find a chicken wing Goddess…totally works….and i ’ ve actually it! Straightforward ; there is no substitution for deep frying $ 30 trips to pan.