Your browser does not support JavaScript or it might be disabled. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. YouTube Keep in mind that many drugs are metabolized by more than one CYP450 enzyme, and CYP3A4 may represent only one pathway. P450 inhibitors: MacQuin and his friend GemAvir acutely drink alcohol in grapefruit juice with Ise and ASK for Omeprazole and Cimetidine for their stomach ache. A selected list of such interactions appears in the Table. b. top30 If you carry any of the genetic variants above for CYP3A4, be very careful of these juices or other inhibitors when taking a medication that is metabolized through CYP3A4. Pharmacology Mnemonics The best medication mnemonics for medical student finals, OSCEs and MRCP ACE inhibitor side effects (CAPTOPRIL) Cough Angioneurotic oedema Proteinuria Taste disturbance/ Teratogenic in 1st trimester Other (fatigue, headache) Potassium increased Renal impairment Itch Low BP (1st dose) Beneficial effects of inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis i.e. testimonials, Advertise with RxPG!Made in India Patients who have sulfa (sulfonamide) allergies will have a wide range of allergies to the following sulfa drugs Cytochrome P450 (CYP P450) Enzyme Inhibitors Extraocular Muscle Innervation Mnemonic Mnemonic for extraocular muscle innervation including the lateral rectus innervated by cranial nerve 6 and superior oblique innervated by cranial nerve 4. References: Rendic S, Ci Carlo FJ. ?>öÛ¦ÚþOuõ—çϾ׆ªïz]ýßóg]_£¶©Úz҆ZQ«¾ê›¾n¦ê¸þìŸ/ª»çÏ´`¯û¶d[÷c%ú±žô]=¶¹j¶pa—êÚæÉDóY7’Ô‡z4­ûmóêáaÛoö[µ¹Û¶›wúßÃö¥Úü§úaÑÆ_ÊÏ;RÕ"t^…>~9÷¦T}-…÷Չzja'És'éRœsdR?¬^ È.³ÚÖB•´wÙåÚa†›îq¥ímSw²jêv´ÿ!‡7/Š~ož˜ý½è§Z„Ruõ4, 4M$Ò×mçmèv¡€ÇZtÐFÈÜÛ½æWçÎ]†z ¡ÌìÉÌ#ÌõM? HIV PIs can be CYP inducers, inhibitors, and substrates. centuries , sitemap Sulphonylureas Carbamezapine Rifampin Alcohol Phenytoin Griseofulvin Phenobarbital. by RxPG A. rbituates . CYP 3A4 metabolizes (inactivates) acetaminophen, alfentanil, dexamethasone, fentanyl, lidocaine, methadone, midazolam, and sufentanil. google_ad_client = "pub-3203824303187431"; Human cytochrome P450 enzymes: a status report summarizing their reactions, substrates, inducers, and inhibitors. google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; - A CYP3A inhibitor used to increase the systemic exposure of atazanavir or darunavir in combination with other antiretroviral agents in the treatment of HIV-1 infection. google_color_bg = "EFEFEF"; List of CYP 3A4 Inhibitors and Inducers Inhibitors Inducers Amiodarone** Barbiturates Anti-retroviral protease inhibitors Bosentan Aprepitan** Carbamazepine Cimetidine** Efavirenz Clarithromycin Fosphenytoin** Conivaptan Phenytoin** Dalfopristin** Rifabutin … Unfortunately, many CYP3A4 substrates have substantial toxicity, and some patients may develop severe toxicity when CYP3A4 inhibitors are taken concurrently. The medications known to be CYP3A4 inhibitors are summarized in the below table based on their class of medications and classifications.1,2,5,6 . For awesome medical students - A mix of concepts, notes, mnemonics, discussions, ideas & fun filled with enthusiasm and curiousity. About the Ads. TL;DR and timeline at the bottom. … Commonly tested P450 inhibitors include cimetidine, ketoconazole, erythromycin, ciprofloxacin, indinavir, acute alcohol use, isoniazid, grapefruit juice, quinidine and sulfonamides. google_page_url = document.location; Clin Pharmacol Ther. google_ad_height = 90; WŠd] €ã\àÙÉ"™Ñd0ìC[nٍ•%m«mLò闇d±‹Eò¨v$v¤s#‹¿ÃKfW_ý\}ýõW?½~ó]Õ|óMõíw¯«o¯ž?ûêQ Q7muuóü™¨ý¨Ô4ÖRUC3Õ]_]}Ôr?þ}¨Þ?>ÖTïé? LinkedIn Medical Solutions Private Limited, Chrome Web Store Feb 14, 2009 2,135 1,687 Status Resident [Any Field] Feb 3, 2017 #4 google_ad_type = "text_image"; 2011;90(5):666-673. doi: 10.1038/clpt.2011.164. Cytochrome P450 Inducers & Inhibitors Mnemonic | NursingNotes Potent inhibitors of CYP3A4 include clarithromycin, erythromycin, diltiazem, itraconazole, ketoconazole, ritonavir, verapamil, goldenseal and grapefruit. Enzyme inducers will increase the rate of metabolism of co-administered drugs and thus their effect will decrease or will be at lower therapeutic dose. P450 inhibitors are drugs that decrease the activity of the enzyme causing drugs that are also metabolized by the P450 system to be metabolized at a decreased rate. Enzyme inhibitors are drugs which decrease the metabolism of drugs by inhibiting microsomal enzymes. Mnemonic: CRAPS out drugs C arbamazepine . S. t Johns wort . µš³ìë©É°6Âëò However, this is also a very important aspect of NAPLEX and cannot be taken lightly. It antagonizes or blocks the orexin receptor, which is normally responsible for inducing wakefulness or arousal. INHIBITORS: INDUCERS: SUBSTRATES: CYP1A2: CYP3A4: cimetidine ciproflxacin enoxacin erythromycin ***fluvoxamine grepafloxacin isoniazid mexiletine norfloxacin tacrine zileuton: barbiturates carbamazepine charcoal-broiled foods lansoprazole omeprazole phenytoin rifampin smoking: amitriptyline caffeine clomipramine clozapine google_ad_width = 728; google_ad_channel ="1397725367"; Start studying G <3 PACMAN (BIG CYP INHIBITORS). Stiripentol An anticonvulsant agent used with clobazam and valproate as an adjunct to treat refractory … Don't forget to visit it for more mnemonics and useful tips on creating one. A little background: I'm a traditional US student (top 1/3 of my class in a mid-low tier school) who took STEP1 following my first round of rotations (IM, Surgery) due to my summer appointment being cancelled for COVID. Increase the concentration of drugs metabolised by the cytocrome P450 system. Mnemonic: S. ome C ertain S illy C ompounds A nnoyingly I nhibit E nzymes, G rrrrrrr S odium valporate C iprofloxacin . What are the Enzyme Inhibitors? google_color_link = "006699"; Propofol is partially metabolized by CYP 3A4, mostly by CYP 2B6. Hello everyone. Inhibitors in order of mnemonic: Macrolides, Quinidine, Gemfibrozil, Ritonavir, acute alcohol, grapefruit, isoniazid, amiodarone, sulfonamide, ketoconazole, omeprazole, cimetidine The main concept my professor is testing here is inducer/inhibitors of cyp and whether we should use ketoconazole, a drug that inhibits the same CYP enzyme as cimetidine. SCRAP GP. You will most likely have a question about drug interactions and you will be expected to know the basics of major drug interactions as well as how the drugs affect each other.Say that you have 34 year male who on Clopidogrel (Plavix®). google_color_url = "000000";