It's held by two clips in the front. The 2018 Volvo XC90 has 1 problems reported for loud noise from sunroof/shade. I think the gasket around the glass was compressed over the previous 11 years. [Rick Tilghman] Let me just say that you want to use 1/8" headliner EVERYWHERE, not just on the sunroof. First, raise it to the vent position and from the outside, press down on the inner panel to locate the spring clips. (not just popped up). Volvo cars service and parts business technical journal title : sunroof shade hanging down ref no : issuing department : car market : united states and canada tj 30621 technical service partner : issue date : 3 us 7510 volvo cars north amer . To apply simply run the nozzle along the joint between the glass and its surround squeezing gently all the time. I don't Sunroof Won't Open to Vent Position. Worked slick. Problem in the switch(es) internal to the motor unit. The result that when the motor Removing the Sunroof Pan to Replace the Headliner. If you notice your sunroof is sagging constantly, and that you can't seem to get it to stay at the height you want, even WITH massive adjustment of the sitting screws, this may be your problem. Very Remove the trim bit that goes along the top of the windshield and also the mirror, the sun visors and the sun visor clips. I can access the front two guide springs but the rear two are under the bar that cross over the top of the shade at the back of the sunroof opening. Fm ch# 65263, front. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Volvo XC90 based on all problems reported for the XC90. Volvo XC90 owners have reported 6 problems related to sun roof (under the visibility category). The proper solution, IMHO, is to replace the gasket. The problem is caused by the plastic parts of the guide clips on the sides of the sunroof shade deteriorating and causing the shade to come out of its tracks. There are (2?) After you get one side of the sunroof where it is supposed to be, remove the motor, and look up at the cables. Align the control mechanisms with the slots for the small plastic covered tabs, slight back and forth motion works here. In the newer models this arm is replaced with a 5"- 6" piece that reaches past the mechanism to the every back end of the bracket. The blue and red wires at the two prong connector should be +12V or -12V depending on sunroof momentary switch position. Volvo AWD XC90 Forum INDEX FOR 12/2020(CURRENT) INDEX FOR 8/2002 XC90 INDEX VIEW ... Sunroof Stuck Open XC90 : posted by rjritterjr on Tue Oct 3 07:56 CST 2017 Author: [IGNORE ALL POSTS] last visit: Mon Oct 13 18:09 CST 2014 At my wits end on this one. Push the liner back into the space where the roof would normally retract. I opened my cars roof sun shade and it won't close... the sun roof opens and closes but the shade curtain is stuck in the open position. care for silicone adhesive, and I would use weatherstrip cement to The rear pops into place by the action of the racks, those that are most likely damaged, and its position is adjusted by the screws that you remove to take off the panel, as well as by the position of the worms when the motor shuts off - you can observe this as the worm should sit in the bottom of the rack, holding it flush, when the motor stops turning. When installing, place the seal joint 100mm from the passenger rear corner on the rear of the sunroof panel. Does it help the buffeting? Turning the screw with a screwdriver will depress the button and allow you to move the sunroof BUT, it also adjusts the stop location for open and closed. My switch had 63 Ohms across these terminals when they should've been around 1-2 Ohms. [Colin Shepherd] Wire 12v direct to the motor connections as a first step to isolating the problem before stripping out the micro-switches etc. Because of this and the extender bar, the pull from the springs and general downward is dissipated over the entire arm, eliminating the possibility of breakage. [Tips on Motor Electrical Overhaul from Pete Gotseff]. Trying to do it myself. Additionally, there is a metal bar extending from one side of the sunroof to the other that helps to push the brackets out slightly and keep the pieces oriented properly. BTW, if the motor moves you will have to retime the motor :-) more on this later. Share your favorite Volvo XC90 photos as well as engage in discussions with fellow Volvo XC90 owners on our message board. MVS Forums Contributor brandonbeach14 disconnected his 2001 V70’s battery, and now his sunroof won’t open. Put it all back together in reverse order and recalibrate. it needs and reinstall it. [Diagnosis:] If your guides are not broken then you may just be out of adjustment. The pan can be removed at this point. Fm ch# 65263, front. Just put two blocks under the outside edges of the flap (screw driver handles work well) and gently flex the entire flap down so that its overall shapes doesn't ride quite so high in the middle. When you are happy with the positioning of the sunroof, move the liner forward and flip up the sunroof to reattach the clips to the lining. NONE of the newer volvos sunroof brackets were snapped, and all were in perfect working order. Reinstall the crank, and turn clockwise (vent position) till it stops. Put a blanket on the roof so you have somewhere to set the panel. When I checked mine, I found two screws VERY loose and one about to fall out. Make sure to take ALL the little pieces you take off the junker... many pieces may look similar to ones you have but they are slightly different (so substitution isn't really possible). The adjustment screws on my sunroof were maxed, and the sunroof was still low. While the motor is out, carefully pry the Pull down on the headliner just forward of the interior lights. Close and open the sunroof after each small flex to make sureyou don't overdo it... you only want it to just clear the sunroof edge. XC90 and XC90 Twin Engine of model year 2016 onwards. SOURCE: How to check for moonroof leak in 2004 volvo xc90. Move it back so that about one inch is showing at the rear. be caulked. Seized sunroof motor. Twist the sunroof so that the front tabs slide out of the tracks. Seems to be happening to a lot of '88's lately.