Strut your stuff! Check it out now in the Apple App Store and Google Play! Really sorry for the inconvenience, Each of the amp models comes with four modes: clean, crunch, high gain and metal. Positive Grid Spark Amp (Hyde Park) $225 JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE - New York | FOR SALE - Hudson Valley, NY Thu Dec 31 2020 11:10 am so which is it? One thing I was expecting, but didn't see, is a greater flexibility in setting up your own signal chain, adding effects or taking them out of the chain in the presets. Even if some have names that say most of it ( like reverb) they are equipped with many buttons that does not mean a thing to me. I've already deleted and re-downloaded the app and logged out/in. Overview; General FAQ; Forum; Repairs; Help Center; Spark; Usage; Spark Windows ASIO Driver . Can someone advice me how to solve this? Share & discover ways to get the most out of your Positive Grid products! Laci, Nope still crashes Whether you’re using the amp’s own smart features, streaming music via Bluetooth, or using the free app to explore more tones and settings, with a sweet $60 knocked off for Black Friday, it’s a deal you won’t want to miss. Anyone knows of a tutorial where we could find explanation on what these pedals do and what all the different adjustments do. Just drums....Positive People.... @jermiah-ming The instructions in my posts in this thread. It seems to me like they deliberately made this an under-powered unit just to see if people liked the features. I already owned the Bias FX Essential on iPad before and I've got a couple of user presets there. I'm just not big on the whole app thing. I am having problems with bias amp 2 desktop 64 bit pc and would like to use a previous version to check if it solves the issue I am having but I cannot find it anywhere on site. Positive Grid is a leading developer of component based guitar amp and effects modeling hardware, desktop plugins, and iOS apps. Hi everyone, There are a couple of forums on FB about the Spark, and a visit there is a visit to THE most disgruntled group of players I've ever seen. Just ordered one (they are on sale through today). 400 posts Ultimate Geek Lifetime subscriber # 280573 24-Dec-2020 14:17. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. ... To see all the prizes and full details Click Here. /b I cannot find the presets on my Mac when I choose my profile and look for uploaded presets I don't see a way to delete the thread. Post your studio or live performance pictures, share your best ToneCloud patches or setup of your own. I haven't tried it, but it appears to me to be a modern practice amp. I do think though we need a UK point of contact that can relay any information to us without having to rely on PG to contact us individually as I bet they are getting a load of enquiries regarding orders. They're not crazy expensive, but I don't see buying something I could use to create really killer practice tones if it's not stage-ready too. Positive Grid Spark. What I tried so far: Has anyone picked up and tried one of these new Positive Grid Spark amps? Since I upgraded my GPU to a 2070 Super, Bias FX 2 goes randomly blurry but it has Hardware Acceleration enabled. so Positive Grid site says it only supports up to Android 9, Amazon sellers are saying 8.1 and up and I think it says that on the google play app. Positive Grid Spark Oh Yeah. Cannot find the preset folder in the positive grid folder. LG Sascha. *10,000+ Tones* Positive Grid sent a letter out to all their Spark customers this week: "Calvin, CEO of Positive Grid here. I see they have a forum there but many of the questions the have been asked do not seem to be getting any response. Spark Order & Shipping FAQ. Updated : January 05, 2021 14:36. My rule of thumb is this: if I cannot give more encouragement than criticism, I shut the hell up. the Official Support Center of Positive Grid. On my Mac everything's fine but I cannot access all of the effects and others on my iPad + I see in the options that I've got the Essential license. You can do with Positive Grid's Bias FX software. Positive Grid Spark $200. Whether you play pristine melodies, crunchy chords or soaring leads, Spark gives you a full amp modeling and multi-effects engine, powered by Positive Grid’s state-of-the-art BIAS with the most realistic virtual tube amps and effects on the planet. Any updates ? We encourage you to comment on every tab you use and every article you read. Was this article helpful? Off-topic area for anything and everything! ... Forum Rules. It doesn’t help with regards to the time zone difference between UK and the US and also the Christmas holidays and not knowing the opening hours of their office apart from being Monday to Friday. Here's a quick rundown of some of the new features: Welcome Sharon, the new drummer in Smart Jam!